The Premier Nordic Hotel Industry Conference


Nordic Hotel Professional of the Year 2016


The award went to Peter Tengström from Midstar. He was honored with an award ceremony presented during the networking reception on 1 June at AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen.


The nominees

Fredrik Korallus - Generator
Generator has successfully demonstrated how you can transform an entire segment and create a concept that transgresses the traditional consumer segmentation. The company has demonstrated its ability to cross geographical borders within a short period of time and specifically in the Nordics they have achieved what very few international companies have achieved – to gain presence! First with the opening in Copenhagen in 2011 and now also with the opening in Stockholm in the summer of 2016.

Christopher Raanaas - KLP Eiendom
As one of the few institutional investors in the Nordics, KLP has a long track-record of hotel real estate investment and today has an impressive portfolio of 14 hotels including some of the largest landmark hotels in the Nordics. They are the only institutional investor with presence in both Norway, Sweden and Denmark and has recently been an active investor with both the acquisition of the Radisson blu Waterfront Hotel & Congress Center in Stockholm and the Scandic Meatpacking in Copenhagen. 

Peter Tengström - Midstar
Midstar has demonstrated a strong ability to go from fundraising to acquiring hotels within a very short period of time and has already secured 11 hotels in their o – 8 of these acquired from Pandox. The current investment environment has in recent years become highly competitive which further underscores the significant achievement by Midstar.

Anders Nissen - Pandox AB
Pandox has demonstrated a unique ability to create value in hotel investment with a focus on owning hotels on variable leases but even being able to operate hotels themselves where appropriate and has pioneered the concept of being an active hotel real estate owner in the Nordics. In 2015, the company reached a milestone via a successful public offering on the Stockholm stock exchange. Following the IPO, Pandox has demonstrated a strong transacting ability via both divestment of assets as well as a large acquisition of 18 hotels in Germany.